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Android Market for phones getting a respray, hitting all Android 2.2+ phones “in the coming weeks”

Each new update to the Android Market has it looking more and more like a sassy, uptown mall and less like the ‘flea market’ that some argued it was in the early days.

The latest update to Google’s app shop gives it a fresh new look more in line with the general Honeycomb styling and the desktop-based version of the Market that was launched earlier this year. It also looks a tiny little bit like Windows Phone 7’s Metro UI as well if you ask us…

Like the desktop Android Market, there’s a big promotional banner across the top, displaying the latest and most popular apps, movies and books. Top paid and top free apps will be displayed in lists more in common with the desktop Market than the ones you currently get on the mobile version.

While this won’t really allow you to do anything any differently than you can on the current version of the Market, accessing everything will be much much easier. You’ll be able to load up lists of top paid and free apps by simply flicking left and right as well as search for stuff in the usual manner.

Google’s Eric Chu says in this blog post that a phased rollout has “already begun” and that the new-look Market should reach all Android phones running 2.2 or higher “in the coming weeks”. We’ll be keeping ‘em peeled for updates hitting our phones and elsewhere on the web. Until then, have a look a Google’s video below for an idea of how it’ll look and work.

When it rolls out to Android phones here in the UK, we’re not expecting the Movies and Books lists to make the transition; these services are still US-only for the time being.

Still, we expect the usual ‘hott sxey babez’ apps will be lurking around after the update hits.


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