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Android users are the biggest wankers

Research from one of the biggest online porn providers shows that Android users are most likely to visit the site on their mobiles, ahead of iPhone, Windows Phone and Blackberry fans.

According to Pornhub, one of the foremost special interest sites on the ‘net, Android users are out-porning everyone else out there. Statistics drawn from the site’s Year in Review report show that users of Google’s mobile OS account for a whopping 49.9% of Pornhub’s mobile use, whereas hits from iOS users fell by around 5% from the year before, to just 40.2%.

Users of other mobile platforms still enjoy Pornhub’s wares too. Windows users are reportedly growing in number and now make up around 2.6% of the site’s punters, while BlackBerry still provides the site with 1.4% of its views – though we can imagine a 3.5-inch display isn’t exactly great for taking in the site’s thespian delights, and means you’re even more likely to damage your eyesight.

Tellingly, the site’s data indicates that the world’s favourite day for a bit of persy time is Monday, with people flocking to chase the post-weekend blues away with a bit of adult action. The average time spent on the site was reported as 9 minutes and 16 seconds, and accounting for time spent selecting fap material and then impatiently waiting for the chosen video to stop buffering, that’s quite a brief visit in all.

Azerbaijanis reportedly spend the least time ‘visiting’ overall, with an average time of around 6 minutes 26 seconds recorded. Make of that what you will.

While there are sure to be plenty of people still around who don’t enjoy taking in adult movies, they’re apparently in the minority. Pornhub’s annual views were up from 63.2 billion to 78.9 billion in 2014, indicating that more than a handful of the world’s internet-connected people enjoy a good bongo film.

And of course, while the stats may suggest that Android users are the biggest fans of five-fingered frolics, a large part of the results are down to how popular Google handsets are, making up a huge portion of the market. Still, as most of the Recombu staff currently sports an Android device, we’re proud to say that we’re amongst the biggest group of wankers around.

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