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Android vs iPhone argument turns into violent stabfest

Apple and Android fanboy debates can often be quite heated, but one iOS vs Android argument last week resulted in bloodshed, after the participants started stabbing each other.

According to reports, two roommates from Oklahoma (bet you never guessed this happened in America) were debating the virtues of their favourite mobile operating systems when events turned rather nasty.

Things escalated quickly when one of the men hit the other in the head with a beer bottle, and then the two actually began to stab each other with broken bottles.

Police were called to the scene by a concerned neighbour who saw a man covered in blood staggering through the car park of their apartment complex. No charges have been levelled against either participant so far, as both are being treated for their injuries in a local hospital. However, should the case come before a judge the two could face a sizable prison sentence.

We’re more than used to heated debate over the virtues and pitfalls of iOS and Android here at Recombu Towers, but let this be a cautionary tale: actually trying to kill another human being because they don’t like the same mobile OS as you is pretty bloody stupid.

Next time someone tells you that your smartphone runs a sub-standard operating system, just do the usual and post something passive aggressive about it on Facebook.


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