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Angry Birds Space is now available for download on iOS and Android

Great news for Angry Birds fans this morning as Rovio’s latest installment in the Angry Birds saga has been launched – welcome Angry Birds Space. The game is available for download on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android, plus it’ll be available on Mac and PC.

Angry Birds Space screenshot

In true Rovio-marketing style, the team has also made a number of merchandise pieces available for the launch, including animation and books. It will also be hosting a variety of launch events for fans in Beijing, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Seattle and Tokyo.

The Angry Birds Space edition of the popular game promises zero-gravity gameplay and setting up super tricks using the gravitational pull of nearby planets – we like! It also contains brand new birds, new superpowers and in Rovio’s words “the sky is no longer the limit!”. Set out over 60 levels, the game will also include in-app purchases, hidden goodies and secret levels.

Angry Birds Space is available for 69p from the App Store and the HD edition is available on iPad for £1.99. It is also available via Google Play free with ads.

Check out the video from Rovio below: 



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