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Angry Birds Space. The final frontier? Not a chance.

The Angry birds are making their way to the final frontier, space. Joining sci-fi legends, James T. Kirk, Luke Skywalker and the iPad, it seams the guys over at Rovio weren’t content with Rio and thought the franchise could do with a stellar new story-line.

Angry birds is the cross platform smash hit involving the catapulting of birds and squishing of pigs. OK. We over simplified it ever so slightly. There’s a harrowing tale of the love between a birds and their unborn weaved in there, gut wrenching stuff when you think about it.

So how best to tell this story? In a game trailer on a NASA space station of course. It’s all presented by Don Pettit, one of the astronauts on board and he delivers something of a science lesson with talk of trajectories, gravity and momentum.

Why would we need a science lesson to play Angry Birds? Because the latest game in the Angry Birds franchise takes full advantage of its environment visually illustrating gravitational fields and quashing the ‘what goes up must come down’ rule we’ve seen thus far.

It all looks like it will arrive on the Samsung Galaxy Note on March the 22nd as that is the only phone mentioned in the trailer. With no word about other devices being supported, if there is a period of exclusivity, chances are it will be available across more devices soon after. With a couple of weeks till launch therefore, check out the trailer below and marvel at the wonders of the great beyond when the meet pig and bird.


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