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App Friday: Draw Something

Draw Something is the app equivalent to Pictionary and Hangman, only instead of playing against a computer, or with real people, you can play with friends anywhere in the world using your smartphone.

Link it up to your Facebook account to play with friends – or random strangers if you’re too embarrassed to show your skills – or lack of skills – off.

Start by selecting what you are going to draw, there are three difficulty levels and what you draw can range from a simple object such as a fork, to a crowbar, wingnut, or even justice.

Once you’ve drawn the object, your opponent must guess what it is based on your scribbles and with a bit of help from the supplied letters, using the exploding bomb to assist.  Once they’ve guess correctly, you swap over and it’s your turn to guess what is being drawn.  The quicker they guess what you’ve drawn, the more coins you get.

Although Draw Something states: ‘No Drawing Skills Required’ having some creative ability certainly helps – some of our drawings just don’t look like anything like they are supposed to  – that’s a pint of beer on the right.

Drawing is actually quite difficult because using a finger, the tools are very basic – there are four brushes and rubbers of varying thickness, along with a basic colour palette. Although you can trade points for extra colour packs. 

But it’s the screen size that really makes a difference – the iPhone 4S has a 3.5-inch screen and it’s a little on the small side to draw really complicated objects. It’s far easier to draw on 5.1-inch screen on the Samsung Galaxy Note. If you really want to create masterpieces we’d suggest using a stylus.

Half the fun of Draw Something is seeing how bad your opponents drawings are, in fact we’d advise getting rid of any artistic pretensions.

Draw Something can be a little frustrating – especially when your opponent writes the name of the object they are drawing above. Also, there’s no real sense of competition –  especially if you are playing with random strangers. But if you’re looking for a game you can continue for hours with friends, Draw Something is worth a look.

Draw Something is available for iOS and Android, each includes a free lite version.


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