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Apple iPhone 4S launch: The day in numbers

Apple’s iPhone 4S has landed in Apple Stores across the world today, and we’ve got our hands on some juicy statistics for Apple fans following the launch, courtesy of the fine folks at

Opinions were split on Siri, Apple’s new “humble assistant”. 33% of people quizzed in the queues outside the Regent Street and Covent Garden Apple Stores thought Siri’s presence was a gimmick, while 34% said that it was the iPhone 4S’ standout feature. After quizzing it all day in the office, our two gripes are that, one, Siri sounds like a girl’s name, while Siri’s disjointed robot voice sounds like a man; and two, it’s not laughing at any of our hilarious Terminator references. You now know why we cry.

Humourless, androgynous personal assistants aside, the favourite feature of the iPhone 4S for those in the queue was the new 8MP camera (37%), followed by the A5 processor (after Siri, with 15%), extended battery life (7%) and then iCloud with (4%). 3% apparently misunderstood the question, citing FaceTime as the iPhone 4S’ standout feature, despite its 18 month presence on the iPhone 4.

55% of people in the queue were disappointed that the iPhone 4S wasn’t the iPhone 5, while 56% said that they had considered switching to Android. There were, of course, some proper Apple cultists present, with Craig Fox queuing for 150 hours and 57 minutes outside the Regent Street Apple Store, and even this performance eclipsed by Rob Shoesmith’s 450 hour vigil outside the doors of the Covent Garden Apple Store. Over half the people in the queue were upgrading from an iPhone 4.

Men vastly outnumbered women in the queue, with the fairer sex making up only 11% of the turnout. Those queuing were overwhelmingly aged between 18 and 25 (70%), although this is probably accounted for by their not having jobs to go to, the layabouts. For comparison, only 3% of the queue were over 40. Bafflingly, 5% of the queue were aged under 18. On a schoolday, no less!

Our iPhone 4S arrived in the office today, so expect a full hands-on review at the beginning of next week. In the meantime, check out our unboxing of the iPhone 4S feature here.

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