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Apple iPhone 6c leaks, confirming those 4-inch rumours

Apple appears to have accidentally revealed the upcoming iPhone 6c on its own website, confirming web whisperings that it isn’t done with 4-inch handsets. But will people willingly return to a compact iPhone after the super-sized iPhone 6?

Apple usually maintains the utmost secrecy when developing new devices, allowing for hugely ostentatious product launches with plenty of pomp. However, the Cupertino company appears to have dropped some details of its latest device, the iPhone 6c, in a most unexpected manner – via an advertisement on its website for a new dock.

A new 4-inch phone, looking to all the world like an iPhone 5c complete with five rows of apps rather than the six found on the new iPhones, plus a colourful plastic shell, appeared as part of the render for one of Apple’s new docks. However, the twist is that this device is clearly packing a TouchID sensor beneath its home button, something missing from the iPhone 5c.

The most obvious conclusion is that this new handset is a sequel to the iPhone 5c, most likely to be revealed as the iPhone 6c by Apple later this year.

We’ve been hearing rumours for quite a while that Apple’s preparing a new, smaller screened device and it would certainly fit in with the company’s new direction that the smaller screen should be reserved for the cheaper end of its iPhone range.

Of course, the iPhone 6c will hardlies be a ‘budget’ iPhone, given the £400 asking price of the iPhone 5c. Which begs the question, do we really need another 4-inch plastic handset from Apple? After all, those enlarged displays on the latest range are much better suited to movies, games and web browsing, while the slender, light design means they’re just as portable and usable as older, dinkier devices.

If you really want to stick with Apple’s traditional tiny screen, we’d say get yourself an iPhone 5s when the latest round of handsets emerge. It’ll most likely be about the same cost, sport a sexy metallic design and you still get a crisp Retina screen, TouchID and the latest iOS. However, any real judgement will be reserved for when – or, indeed, if – the iPhone 6c actually launches.


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