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Apple iToss lets you turns any smartwatch into an iWatch

If you’ve been eagerly waiting for Apple to release its long-rumoured iWatch then wait no more – the company has gone one better and has revealed a prototype device known as the iToss, which can turn any smartwatch into an iOS device.

The iToss is a small USB device with highly powerful internal components. It connects to any smartwatch via USB (adaptors sold separately) or wirelessly using WiFi or Bluetooth, at which point a fully-featured copy of iOS is streamed to the watch of your choice.

Users can access nearly all of iOS’ key features via your watch. It’s possible to make calls, read texts and listen to music, though you’ll need to connect your iPod or iPhone to a separate USB hub and have a pair of USB headphones handy.

The Apple iToss caters for all the serious stuff, too. It has a full suite of Apps, all of which can be launched using intuitive gestures. Simply swipe the letter ‘I’ to launch iTunes, ‘I’ for iWork, ‘I’ for iMovie etc. – it’s simplicity itself.

Unsurprisingly, Apple’s iToss has an integrated camera. Its resolution is a disappointingly low 0.032 megapixels but it’s at least incredibly easy to use. Simply make a fist to launch the camera, open your palm to focus the lens, and raise your middle finger in the direction of your subject to capture the moment.

Apple now lets you cast (or toss) iOS onto any smart watch.

The iToss’ integrated camera also lets it function as an augmented reality device. You’ll need to buy two iTosses and two smartwatches, but once this minor inconvenience is bypassed, you simply hold the screens against your eyes to see a Google Glass-like augmented reality view of the world around you.

Click play in the video above to see it in action for yourself.


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