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iPhone 6 and iWatch to be launched at separate events in 2014

The iPhone 6 and iWatch will apparently launch at two different Apple events this year, with the iPhablet unveiling at the same time as Apple’s smartwatch.

According to yet more fresh iPhone 6 launch date rumours, the next iPhone will be launched in September, while the Apple iWatch and Apple’s phablet will launch later in the year.

The rumours came from people ‘in the know’ who spoke with 9to5Mac about launch dates of the iPhone 6 and availability of iOS 8 for consumers.

Apple iWatch launch in UK may be same time as the iPhablet, but separate to the Apple iPhone 6 UK launch

Although the iPhone 6 launch date hasn’t been nailed down by Apple according to the source, the Californian company is pencilling a date in either the second or third week in September, depending on device availability. This backs up other rumours we’ve heard that the device could launch on either September 12th or 19th.

The iWatch, alongside OS X Yosemite, will be announced at another event in October, and although the source didn’t mention it, we think that’s when the 5.5-inch iPhone (or ‘iPhablet’) could be announced too.

The iPhone phablet has apparently been subject to delays because the display panel is proving difficult to manufacture, according to one analyst, who said that implementing a sapphire blend on a 5.5-inch device is harder than on a 4.7-inch device.

The iWatch has been on the cards for years now with Apple revealing it would launch a wrist device but not until it felt the market was ready. It would seem that time is rapidly approaching as Google has taken the first big move by announcing Android Wear.

New rumours are suggesting the wrist device will be manufactured in collaboration with watch maker Swatch. The source told VentureBeat: “While most Apple-watchers and media have been laser-focused on one or two ‘iWatches’ from Apple itself, the Cupertino, Calif.-based electronics and media giant may actually be working a number of partners in the watch business. Apple and its partners will offer a family of smartwatches to suit all tastes ‘from geek to chic’.”



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