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Apple ‘iWatch’ trademark filings lend credence to smartwatch rumours

It was revealed earlier this year that Apple was busy working on a smartwatch behind the scenes. More recently, the company has begun to apply for trademarks for the term “iWatch” in several countries across the world, including Russia, Japan, Mexico, and many more.

Above: The iPod Nano

According to 9to5Mac, the most recent filing out of Mexico was actually made at the beginning of June, but only became public in the past couple of days. Apple also looks to have filed the iWatch trademark under two separate categories, relating to both hardware and software for mobile devices.

MacRumors has also chimed in to say that Apple has filed for the iWatch trademark in additional countries, including Turkey and Taiwan. All of the filings seem to have been made within a week of each other, with Apple seemingly looking to grab the trademark in as many countries as possible. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the company will definitely produce a smartwatch, but Apple’s latest activity seems to fall in line with past rumours.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple has around 100 product designers all working on a wearable device that would perform similar functions to the iPhone and iPad. Sources speaking to the publication say that the large number of people working on the wearable suggests that it’s already in development. Otherwise, not much is known about the mysterious iWatch, but it stands to reason that Apple is at least experimenting with wearable technology given the success of products like the Pebble smartwatch.


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