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Apple Maps in iOS 9 might finally be able to take on Google Maps

Have you noticed how everyone with an iPhone uses Google Maps? The new Apple Maps might change that…

Most of the iPhone users I’ve come across rely on Google’s iOS Maps app for everything from general location information to turn-by-turn driving navigation, but with Apple Maps within iOS 9, Tim Cook and his team might finally be giving iOS the native mapping experience it deserves.

Craig Federighi took us through the upcoming Apple Maps experience on stage at WWDC in San Francisco. The principle additions include a transit-specific map view which overlays underground, bus and train lines on top of the city, with in depth information on each station including relevant lines or routes and the next available bus or train.

As with Google Maps and other popular mapping apps, Apple Maps will be able to route you from A to B using a variety of transportation methods in a single journey, including pedestrian directions that account for the distance it takes to walk between entrances and exits at major transit stations.

Naturally the improved Siri also now understands the more advanced commands relating to Apple Maps in iOS 9 and all these new features are going to launch in a handful of cities in the US, China and luckily for us, London.

Are you excited to try the new Apple Maps or will you stick with your preferred alternative? Let us know in the comments below.

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