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Apple finally delivering multi-tasking and smart maps with iOS 9

Apple’s iOS 9 will finally boast side-by-side apps and some nifty new mapping features including public transport integration.

We’ve been holding out for it for years and now Apple has finally – if rumours are to be believed – integrated proper multitasking into iOS. Apple was expected to unveil the feature, which allows users to run two separate apps side by side on an iPad, with iOS 8. However, the company apparently shelved the idea in order to focus on new products instead.

The new multi-tasking feature is expected to emerge with iOS 9, which will roll out to existing iPads later this year.

According to 9 to 5 Mac’s sources, the side-by-side apps feature will support 1/2, 1/3 and 2/3 views, depending on the apps that are being used. Users will also reportedly be able to see two separate Safari tabs or documents at the same time too, which should expand an iPad’s workplace usefulness no end.

Apple is also apparently ready to roll out smart mapping with the next major update to iOS. The new Apple Maps app will include mass transit maps, offering bus, underground and train route navigation, allowing people to get around a new city without stress. Eventually there will also be indoor maps too, with major buildings, landmarks and facilities mapped out in full thanks to Apple’s nifty robot army kitted out with iBeacon sensors.

While public transport mapping is expected to arrive with the iOS 9 update, the indoor maps may take a little longer to hit your iPhone and iPad. So far there’s no concrete date, but we’d imagine early 2016.

Apple’s new features, and a bunch more on top, are expected to be unveiled alongside iOS 9 at Apple’s WWDC 2015 conference, which kicks off on June 8th in San Francisco. We’ll be reporting all of the big news live.


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