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Apple to return to launching 4-inch phones?

After turning its hand to massive mobiles, Apple may be planning to launch a brand new 4-inch iPhone in 2015.

Reports out of Asia suggest that Apple could be preparing a new, smaller screened iPhone, to take the place of the outgoing iPhone 4S and iPhone 5C.

The rumours, which come by way of supply chain sources, claim that Apple wants to ensure that it has a smaller device for users with tiny mitts (or who don’t enjoy having to wield a phone with two hands), something which it’s lauded for a while in its fight against gargantuan Android devices.

Taiwanese tech daily Wei Feng claims that Apple plans to launch this dinkier device during the second half of 2015.

While the source is unsubstantiated, it makes sense that Apple is looking to keep a smaller device on its books, especially given the likelihood that the 4S will be retired; not to mention the persistent rumour that the iPhone 5C is due to be phased out too, despite still being relatively fresh.

Yesterday there were rumbles flying that Apple could be launching a new iPhone 6S alongside the Apple Watch, which is due to drop next spring. Perhaps that’s this new, small-screened model, which would make sense considering the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were just launched a couple of months back.



Of course, the possibility of Apple ditching bigger screened devices entirely and going back to more pocketable hardware does exist. The biggest gripe which seems to have been levelled at the iPhone 6 is its hand-filling stature, but we can’t help thinking that Apple won’t be fully returning to its diminutive handset size, especially when it’s fighting against a very diverse and popular Android collective.

Another possibility is that the device could be the fabled budget iPhone (which the iPhone 5C most certainly wasn’t) or iPhone mini, which has been discussed in hushed tones for what seems like years. Of course, a truly low-cost iPhone seems highly unlikely given Apple’s penchant for premium über alles, but then we never thought it’d pump out a phablet or a mini iPad either.


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