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Going wrist-on with an Apple Watch won’t require an appointment anymore

Apple retail store staff have revealed that as of this week shoppers won’t need an appointment to test out an Apple Watch.

One of the great aspects of the Apple retail experience is that you can pick up, touch and play with the products in-store before having to lay down any of your hard-earned cash. Whilst most stuff sits out on the side however, anything above a cursory fondle of Apple’s debut smartwatch relied on an appointment-only system so that a representative could size you up and demo the Apple Watch personally. This is no longer the case.

Providing your email address or Apple ID will help store staff keep tabs on your liked and disliked combinations of watch body and strap, but according to Apple retail staff the testing process has been streamlined so that, provided a staff member is on-hand to assist, it’s explicitly a no-appointment-necessary affair.

As a result, now seems like as good a time as ever for those curious about the Apple Watch and what it brings to the connected iOS experience, to get involved. The smartwatch boasts a clean, squared design that sports Apple Pay and force touch – the new pressure-based interaction method expected to appear on the upcoming iPhone 6s.

Unfortunately, unlike the added convenience this news brings, it’s no easier to buy an Apple Watch for those with shallower pockets – the base model kicks off at £299, for the smaller 38mm Sport model, skyrocketing into the region of five figures for the fanciest golden-bodied Apple Watch Edition and an accompanying Marc Newson-designed strap.


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