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April 26 2011: Is this the final White iPhone 4 release date?

Now a matter of weeks, not months until the snowy iPhone 4 is set to arrive across the world, MacRumors suspect the release date is set- and it’s Tuesday 26 April.

Sandwiched between Bank Holidays and a Royal Wedding, the date was suggested by iPhone Italia who gleaned the bianco release date from their own shadowy sources.

Though this date may only be for Italy, we could get a global release (or at least a Europe-wide release) on the same day; Apple have had plenty of time to shore up stock.

For a phone we saw, hands-on, in June 2010,   it’s taken almost a year for the white iPhone to get into shops. Blame was largely placed on the white paint and camera, who apparently weren’t playing nice together.

Fast-forward several months and a cutting-edge paint is now in use, and problems are solved. 

We’re starting to be overcome with waves of antipathy towards it, but if the iPhone 5 doesn’t arrive this summer (or even this year), and you’ve been saving your pocket money for an iPhone, this could be what you’ve been looking for.

It’s been a very popular topic with our readers, and we’ve setup an email notifier so you’ll be in the know as soon as the phone is available. Enter your email, and we’ll do the rest.

UPDATE: What’s this? Three have a page with a white iPhone on sale?

Via: MacRumors


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