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Watch this beautiful Bentley ad, shot entirely on iPhone 5s

Bentley’s new mini documentary shows off impressive imaging capabilities of the iPhone 5s. 

The iPhone 5s has an awesome camera. You know it, we know it and clearly so does Bentley. The luxury carmaker has just shown off a short ‘documentary’, highlighting the insane luxury levels in its latest Mulsanne, shot entirely using iPhone 5s. The video, which you’ll find below, was edited on the go using iPad Airs inside the vehicle itself.

The video clearly takes inspiration from Apple’s Mac 30 commercial, which was shot in a similar manner. However Bentley’s effort, filmed in New York, looks even more sumptuous – so much so it would be easy to assume it was shot on a high-end digital SLR.

Behind the scenes footage at the end of the video reveals the lengths Bentley’s production team went to in order to make full use of the iPhone 5s’ imaging capabilities. Videographers used specialised jibs and mounts to stabilise the iPhones and clip-on lenses to obtain a variety of creative shots.

The four minute film features Bentley’s Director of Design Luc Donckerwolke and head of exterior design SangYup Lee describing the company’s design philosophy and how that applies to the latest Mulsanne. The duo can also be seen demonstrating the incredibly well integrated iPads tucked away in flip-down tray tables on the car’s seat backs.

This isn’t the first time filmmakers have used the iPhone on large commercial projects. Last year Burberry shot an entire runway fashion show using iPhone 5s ahead of the handset’s launch.

Want more insight into the 5s’ imaging capabilities? Watch our Apple iPhone 5s vs Sony Xperia Z1 Compact comparison below.


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