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Best new Apple WatchOS 4 watch faces coming in 2017

Apple has launched three new Apple Watch faces at WWDC 2017, offering very different experiences. From a new Siri face which offers smart suggestions and shortcuts to the new Disney Toy Story watch faces with animations featuring Buzz, Woody and Jessie, these are great additions for your Apple Watch Series One or Two.

Tim Cook used his WWDC 2017 keynote to launch lots of cool new features for our iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs and of course the brilliant Apple Watch wrist rocket. Stay tuned for a massive in-depth report of the best new features coming to the Apple Watch is WatchOS 4, including big updates to the general interface and apps like Workout.

One of the most anticipated updates was a refresh of the WatchOS watch faces, to boost the rather limited selection of first party faces. Well, Apple didn’t disappoint. Three new faces were unveiled at the conference, of three very different designs. One looks genuinely useful, one looks ridiculously good fun, and the last one looks absolutely pointless. Try and guess which is which.

Here’s our review of the three new Apple Watch faces coming in WatchOS 4 in 2017.

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Siri watch face in WatchOS 4

The new Apple Watch face with the most potential to replace our current effort is the Siri watch face. This is essentially a smart selection of information and shortcuts which are relayed to your device based on your schedule, location, time of day and the rest.

Using the Siri AI’s hooks in all of your accounts and personal info, this new watch face can present any pertinent info about what’s coming up in your day. That includes the likes of when you’ll need to leave for your next meeting, hopefully taking into account traffic conditions. If you’re set to take a flight, you’ll even get a link to your electronic ticket, for fast access.

If the Watch detects that you’re at home and it’s late, you might get a quick shortcut to your HomeKit program which gets everything ready for sleepy sleeps time. You’ll also receive updates on your activity tracking and the rest, without having to go into the app.

So far, so very promising. Let’s just hope the Siri watch face is as good as it sounds.

Toy Story watch face in WatchOS 4

We’re big kids at heart and so obviously love the Mickey and Minnie watch faces which are already available for the Apple Watch. Thankfully we’re getting some fresh new Disney faces for 2017 in WatchOS 4, thanks to the new Toy Story efforts.

Pixar’s lovable heroes, Woody, Jessie and Buzz, are coming to the watch in the next big update. All three will get their very own watch face, complete with the character fully animated for your enjoyment. Raise your wrist and you’ll even see special animations with the characters interacting.

Seriously, the Siri face sounds cool, but this might have just won out for sheer awesomeness.

Kaleidoscope watch face in WatchOS 4

Well, they can’t all be good, can they?

The third and final new Apple Watch face coming in WatchOS 4 is the Kaleidoscope monstrosity. You remember kaleidoscopes, right? Those pointless toys from when you were a kid, which basically just gave you a headache by getting you to stare at bright, distorted perversions of your surroundings?

Well, now you can get it on your Apple wearable. If you so desire. You can even make kaleidoscope versions of your photos.

It’s the kind of thing your hippie auntie will probably really love and show to everyone she meets.

When will WatchOS 4 be available to download?

You can expect an update to WatchOS 4 to hit your Apple Watch Series 1 or 2 from ‘this fall’. In other words, our Watch devices will likely get these new watch faces around September 2017.


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