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Best smartphone video features

We check out the best video features for capturing cool home movies on your humble smartphone, and editing those clips before you post online.

Shooting video on your humble smartphone is now a massive thing. YouTube is filled (for better or worse) with millions of shaky-cam clips, and you can’t stroll down the street without accidentally¬†featuring in loads of home movies. As a result, smartphone manufacturers now cram all kinds of crazy and cool video shooting features into their mobiles.

Here’s our run down of the biggest and best video camera features that you’ll find on the latest mobiles, complete with some nifty footy tricks.

The video features we covered in full:

Slow motion: Apple iPhone
Time lapse: Apple iPhone with iOS 8
Social streaming: Sony Xperia Z2
Augmented reality: Sony Xperia Z2
Ultra High Def 4K video: LG G3 and most premium smartphones
Dual camera: Samsung Galaxy S5
Editing with Video Tuner: Nokia Lumia 930

Of course there wasn’t time to feature every awesome video camera feature in the video, so if we missed out your favourite, let us know in the comments below.


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