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BlackBerry 10 concept with physical keyboard revealed

BlackBerry 10 is due to launch later this year, and although RIM has confirmed the first phone will just include a full touchscreen,  but we know physical keyboard version is coming later. A concept from a BlackBerry fan shows what a BB10 phone with a physical keyboard might look like.

This white BlackBerry Bold concept was created for by John Anastasiadis. It’s an amalgamation of the direction BlackBerry’s design language might go as it heads towards QNX-based BB10, alongside existing influence from devices such as the Bold 9900.

BB10QWERTY concept

John explains why the aesthetic of the concept has arrived in the fashion we see here:

I designed around the 9900 keyboard and kept to the most likely scenario regarding height, width and depth of the device. BlackBerry’s have traditionally been organic with soft edges but I believe the new BB10 devices will be more angular with crisp surface transitions. This will allow RIM to break from the past and reinvent the brand with a new aesthetic. Think P’9981 crossed with 9900.

You will notice that the front and side profiles are slightly tapered toward the bottom. This allows the keyboard area to be a comfortable gripping size while maximising screen size. Also, the black rubberised sides help the user hold and grip the device securely. The reflection of the side view on the back of the device shows how thin it really is.’

John describes the concept as an ‘attempt to capture what the next phone will most likely be’ claiming it could be introduced today.  Bearing in mind RIM is expected to launch its first BB10 device (said to be a full touchscreen handset) in the tail-end 2012, the first QWERTY device, may not arrive until 2013. In the meantime, we’ve got this to tie us over.

What do you think of the concept? It’s certainly interesting, although we prefer the curved edged on the BlackBerry Bold 9900. Let us know below or via Facebook and Twitter.


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