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BlackBerry “Playbook 4G” caught on camera, includes BBM?

BlackBerry has been having a hard time of it recently and it’s unlucky tablet, the PlayBook, did little to capture the imagination or make impressive sales. You’d be forgiven for thinking that BlackBerry would have given up on the tablet arena altogether, but as spotted by CNET on CrackBerry Forums, it seems the Canadian giant is back with a 4G variant on the tablet.

 BlackBerry "Playbook 4G" photo 

The news that it was going to release a new version of the tablet broke in January, but it was thought at that time that it would sport 3G, which had previously been left out of the wi-fi only original PlayBook. But photos revealed on the forum clearly show “BlackBerry 4G PlayBook” on the outer rim of the device. Although the addition of 4G would make little difference to us here in the UK, it would help the device to stay on a par with Apple’s new iPad.

The good news for BBM-hungry fans is that it looks like the messaging service will be included on the new device. We were left a little baffled when the BlackBerry emitted the hugely successful service from the original PlayBook. It is reported that the tablet will include a faster 1.5GHz processor, but little other information has been leaked.

We’re sure to find out more at BlackBerry’s annual developer conference in May, but until then we will keep you updated with any further leaks / rumours.


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