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BlackBerry promise to reveal several new handsets, today

Blackberry makers RIM have broadcast on their Twitter feed that they look set to reveal seven new devices.

It’s a bit of an odd time to do so, following news yesterday that the business-friendly smartphone company are cutting 2,000 jobs, but it looks like RIM are putting on their game-face.

Though the official BB tweets are a bit short on detail, they do reveal that all the new devices – not necessarilly all phones – will be running the new BlackBerry 7 operating system.

We’re still awaiting the arrival of BlackBerry’s latest officially announced phone, the Bold 9990, coming at a time when RIM really need to claw back market share nabbed by the desireable iPhone and cheaper Android offerings.

We’ve been told recently to expect as many as seven new devices, presumably including the likes of a 3G-capable PlayBook,  and perhaps even a competitively priced BlackBerry 9790. More information about all these mysterious devices when we hear it.

Source: Twitter


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