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BlackBerry Torch and Bold 9780 come to Virgin Media pay as you go

Virgin Media has just launched a range of BlackBerry phones on pay-as-you-go, including the popular BlackBerry Torch and the BlackBerry Bold 9780. The Curve 8520, Pearl 3G and BlackBerry 9300 are also now available on Virgin Media pay-as-you-go.

All of these BlackBerry phones will come with a simple pricing plan for data, so you can access BlackBerry Messenger without having to pay through the nose.

You’ll be able to buy weekly access for £2, or a monthly pass for £5. A fiver a month for web browsing, IM and access to the BlackBerry App World sounds pretty good to us.

Calls and texts cost 8p per minute/message if on the Simply8 pay-as-you-go plan. The Addict Tariff plan charges you 26p per minute/text, but if you top up by £15 in a month, you get unlimited texts thrown in.

The BlackBerry Torch will cost £500 and the Bold 9780 £350, when bought with a £20 top up.

The slightly cheaper 9300 and Pearl 3G are both going for £300 plus the same £20 airtime.

The BlackBerry Curve 8520 can be bought for either £150 or £160, depending on whether you but it with £20 or £10 credit respectively.


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