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Purported budget iPhone cases seen in multiple colours

Alleged casing for the “budget” iPhone seems to have made yet another appearance. This time the pictures have been relayed by French site, showing the rear casing for what’s said to be the lower-cost iPhone. Not only that, but it looks like the handset could come in multiple colours, lining up nicely with previous rumours.

The first picture shows the rear casing in an, uh, interesting shade of green. The general design looks to be the same as the leaked rear casing seen by Tactus in April, though. The use of plastic makes sense too – Apple is aiming this to be a low-cost alternative to its flagship device. then served up some additional pictures that shows the casing in yellow and red. Once again, the cases seems to be vibrant and colourful, but otherwise there’s not much that can be discerned from the images. These may not even be the real deal – as points out, Chinese clones of the cases have been making the rounds lately.

Still, the cases seem to match what rumours and reports have been alluding too. If the budget iPhone does indeed turn out to be real, then we’ll probably see it announced around the same time as the iPhone 5S.

​Spotted at MacRumors


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