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Captain’s Log is the ideal app for iPhone-owning Trekkies

With Captain’s Log for iPhone, Star Trek fans can record essential galactic information and amusing captain-like anecdotes in Klingon before shouting orders to be beamed up by a Scotsman and making an appointment to have their pointy ears fitted.

Ok, I’ll level with you, readers: I don’t know much about Star Trek. Perhaps I caught a glimpse of a scene or two while awaiting my weekly dose of Buffy on BBC2 back in the day, but I never went so far as to actually watch an episode. So apologies for the stereotyping and dredging of inaccurate information about the iconic series from the recesses of my mind. 

Regardless of my patent disinterest, messing about with the Captain’s Log app is quite fun. By far the best feature is flicking the handset flip-phone style in order to open a new log, where you can then record audio, append photos or simply tap in text relating to your, er, galactic missions or whatever. The GPS integration means each of your updates will be tagged so you can chart the course of your travels or submit it to the big map of fan-made logs.

It’s limited fun for me personally, but Star Trek fans can submit their logs to social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr so your likeminded Trekkie friends can share the interplanetary in-jokes. The app has been updated this week to work with iPhone 4, including some tweaks like gyroscope integration so you can view the 3D Enterprise (I believe this refers to the view of a particular space vehicle through the port-hole on the homepage) from different angles.

If only there were a Klingon language option – a missed trick in my hopelessly ill-informed book.


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