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Chalk Ball: The latest addictive physics based puzzler for Android phones

Chalk Ball has been sitting at the top of the Featured section of the Android Market this week and its easy to see why.

The premise is simple; play keepy uppies with a bouncing ball by drawing lines underneath it on a giant chalkboard. The long you keep the ball a’bouncing, the more points you’ll accumulate.

You have a finite amount of chalk with which to draw, so you’ll have to be judicious with your line placement.

As you bounce the ball around the playing field you can collect power ups that give you more chalk, extra balls and slow down/speed up the rate of play.

So as well as simply bouncing your balls up and down (stop laughing there in the back) you’ll need to master the games physics so you can bounce in the direction of the collectables.

It’s a bit like Doodle Jump meets the less well-known BallDroppings; easy to pick up, difficult to master but totally addictive.

As well as the basic Survival mode where you keep it up for as long as you can (seriously, stop laughing) there’s also an Adventure mode, which is a series of physics based challenges.

The lite version of Chalk Ball just gives you the first two sets of levels and is ad supported. The full version costs £1.35 and features the full set of scenarios.

Both versions also allow you to change the appearance of the game. There’s retro graphics fun to be had with the 8-Bit Ball theme and pen and paper style fun with the Pen Ball theme.

More themes will be released in the future, including an Etch-A-Sketch style theme that’s called Telesketch.

Chalk Ball is available for Android devices running 1.6+ but won’t work on phones with low screen resolutions, like the HTC Wildfire (320 x 240). A tablet version of Chalk Ball is also in the works and should be out soon.


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