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Channel 4 releases 4oD Catch Up app for iPad. Free, for now

Channel 4 has joined the Beeb in offering a wealth of streaming content, already available online at 4oD.

Imaginatively titled 4oD Catch-up, you’ll have to sit through a short advert, but you’ll get to stream as much content as you like from Channel 4’s constantly updating back-catalogue. Playback is smooth, albeit a little bit fuzzy- there’s no HD content available just yet.

Content ranges from  homemade political documentaries, frivolous comedies, reality shows, and even Deal or No Deal, if you like your repeats. Programmes from Channel 4, E4 and More4, can all be found on the app, and can be streamed up to 30 days after transmission. Like the Beeb’s iPlayer,  you’ll need to be connected to WiFi for it to work.

Channel 4 say it will be free to download for a limited time only, so we advise giving it a try now. You can download it from the link below.


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