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China launches cellphone lanes for distracted pedestrians

Sick of idiots on their phones storming head-first into you as they check their emails? Best shift off to China, where these distracted dopes have their own cellphone pedestrian lane.

Residents of Chongqing in Southern China are clearly fed up with headbutting distracted smartphone users, who are too busy texting to bother watching where they’re walking.

A special cellphone lane has appeared on a 100-foot stretch of road, intended to keep mobile fiddlers separate from the less tech-obsessed pavement pounders. Not a bad idea, as around 80 per cent of China’s white collar workers apparently suffer from ‘severe addiction’ to their mobiles.

Chinese city Congqing sets up cellphone pedestrian lanes for people walking and emailing

However, the above photo shows that the scheme might not be working too well. Not only is there a phone-less child merrily stomping around in the cellphone lane, but it seems that everyone else is walking on the road instead of the pavement. D’oh!

Officials have said that the cellphone lane is designed to highlight the growing problem of distracted smartphone users. Another view would be that it’s natural selection in action, when phone fiddlers end up stepping in front of a double decker bus.

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