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Now Cortana can make life decisions and speak Klingon

Sick of thinking for yourself? Don’t have a physical coin to flip? Never fear, Cortana is here.

We’ve all been there. You can’t stand the pressure of making decisions, but you’ve rooted through every pocket and can’t find a bloody coin to flip. Well, don’t stress out because Cortana can now flip a virtual coin or roll a dice for you, courtesy of an update that’s just rolled out in the States.

Now Cortana can flip a coin and speak Klingon
Now Cortana can flip a coin and speak Klingon

Can’t decide if that second kid is a good idea? Torn between sticking with the wife or running off with Jennie from accounts? Well, here in the UK you’ll have to search out a real coin for a wee bit longer, because the British Cortana still can’t help. Here’s hoping the update, and future Cortana updates, won’t take too long to cross the Atlantic.

Here in the UK, Cortana is almost out of beta and can finally be used out-of-the-box thanks to the new Nokia Lumia 830, an affordable version of Nokia’s five-star flagship phone, the Lumia 930. Considering she’s been out in the States for months now, and we’ve been teased over her absence for just as long, it’s about bloody time.

The UK version sadly lacks the original Cortana voice, provided by the vocal talents of Jen Taylor, who also appeared in the Halo series. However, at least the UK version is now being injected with personality, after a dreary start. For instance, she appears to be a hardcore Trekker, responding to all kinds of weird commands such as ‘beam me up’ or ‘do you know Klingon’. She’ll also sing you a song and crack a funny on request.


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