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Could the Samsung Galaxy S III be released on 30th March in the UK?

One eagle-eyed shopper on Oxford Street today noticed a revealing mistake by Phones 4u and an upcoming Samsung announcement. The below shot was snapped up by the folks at Eurodroid after a reader sent in the photo. This may be an indication that Samsung’s Galaxy S3 is coming on 30th March – a lot sooner than we anticipated.

 Photo outside the Phones 4u store on Oxford Street 

The Phones 4u store played host to first phone to arrive with Android 4.0: Ice Cream Sandwich: the Samsung Galaxy Nexus exclusively in the UK when it was first released, so it’s perfectly plausible that this could be the case with the Samsung Galaxy S 3 as well. Samsung is due to announce its latest device in the coming months, so the March launch may be a little too early.

Speculation as to what this could be is rife, could it be a new tablet, a partnership with the high-street retailer or maybe even a completely different phone from the handset manufacturer. Who knows, but one thing is for sure … all will be revealed at the end of the month and we will of course keep you updated.


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