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Crapps Episode One: Animals

Crapps Episode One examines the very worst animal apps on Apple’s App Store, from the head-slapping mysticism of YOLO Cat to the killer flying carnivores of Hungry Shark Hunter.

Cat Evolution Party

Think an app about smiley cats is going to be cute and lovely? Think again. Cat Evolution Party is one of the most horrifying games we’ve ever played. It’s enough to give us never-ending night terrors.

Hungry Shark Hunter

There are few things more terrifying than ugly, blocky, pissed off sharks that can fly through the goddamn air right at your face. Even worse are the annoying ads that pop up in the middle of the screen just as you’re about to be devoured….

Police Horse Chase

Chase down sinister, physics-bending criminal types on horseback through an utterly deserted cityscape. With stunning features including non-existent AI, prevalent typos and tedious, repetitive gameplay, what’s not to love?

Ask YOLO Cat

Life is full of difficult choices and that’s why we have YOLO cat. Not ony is he a snazzy dresser, but he’s a smart little furball too.


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