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Cringe along with HTC’s ‘Super Band’ in concert clips

Watch HTC boss Peter Chou and the HTC Super Band belt out ‘We Are One’ live on stage, and possibly spit out your morning tea.

How better to start a Monday morning than with a stunning bit of cringe-worthy dad pop? HTC’s head honcho Peter Chou took to the stage recently, rocking a guitar and a full accompanying band, to relay the company’s message in truly unique style. And if you can make it through more than a couple of minutes of the footage without looking away or knocking off the audio, then you’ve done better than us.

“We have faith and we have dreams and we have passion, and we are fearless to pursue our passion,” Chou said before kicking off the awkwardness in style. “And together we can change the world. And together we are one.”

Chou and the HTC Super Band then launched into the anthem We Are One, which apparently captures HTC’s personality perfectly. With that in mind, HTC would most likely be the gawky geek who sits at the front of the class and tries to get people to like him by being overly enthusiastic about absolutely everything.

Here’s the video in full, with the musical genius beginning at 1.25. Our personal highlight is the lady wandering around the stage, merrily singing along with a mic clutched nowhere near her face. At one point, you’ll even notice someone in the audience getting up close to the action with some help from a selfie stick (can we just ban those bloody things from all concerts, gigs and other forms of entertainment right now?)

HTC recently starred in our ‘most cringeworthy phone ads‘ feature, courtesy of another piece of musical magic – namely the much-maligned rap that did the rounds last week. Still, can’t fault the strategy. Anything that gets people talking about you has to be good marketing, right?


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