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Cut the Rope: Experiments launches

We’ve had Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift, but now the full version successor to Cut the Rope has arrived. Cut the Rope: Experiments is now available for iPhone and iPad.

If you haven’t played Cut the Rope you are missing out, it’s a simple game addictive in the way Angry Birds is.  You deliver candy to a green frog (or something that looks like a frong) called Om Nom by cutting a selection of ropes.

Gameplay is unchanged since the first version, the main change is the addition of a Professor the ‘Experiments’ of the title refers too, he is studying Om Nom by putting him through a series of experiments. As you progress he comments on your progress with phrases like ‘Exceptional’ and ‘Let’s try again,’ although it can get a little annoying after a while.

The latest version includes 75 levels, all the usual air blowers, rope stretching features are there, along with a a couple of new ones. Use Rope Shooters to fire rope at the sweet and now the Suction Cups the rope hang from can be moved. Each level also includes hidden photographs you collect in an album.

Cut the Rope won the Gaming BAFTA for Best Handheld Game last year, beating some stiff competition from Professor Leyton and Sonic and it’s easy to see why. Colours are bright and bold on the iPhone 4’s Retina display and it’s the perfect game to dip in and out of or alternatively you can complete within a few hours.

Cut the Rope: Experiments doesn’t deviate from the original too much, instead it adds some neat features that will appeal to fans old and new. For 69p it’s too good to refuse, lets hope it lands on Android soon.


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