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Dead Space and Need For Speed Hot Pursuit heading to Sony Ericsson Xperia Play along with many more

The Xperia Play’s revaluation as a Serious Gaming Device continues with the announcement that the horror-sci-fi themed shooter Dead Space will be coming to device, along with a slew of other titles.

The iPhone version of the hit game played perfectly on our crusty old iPhone 3GS, meaning that it should translate well to the non dual-core Xperia Play. Dead Space scared the bejeezus out of us when we played it; we still haven’t quite recovered from the experience.

EA Mobile’s Need For Speed Hot Pursuit will also be winging its way to the Sony Ericsson device later in the year along with FIFA 12 which we heard about yesterday.

Along with this comes news that 25 other Android titles will be getting the ‘Xperia Play’ optimised treatment, meaning you’ll be able to play using the controls and stop those thumbs of yours from getting in the way of the action.

Titles include Recombu favourites Death Worm, Lame Castle, and Radiant HD. Radiant HD in particular, a Space Invaders/Galaga pastiche, should translate particularly well to the Xperia Play’s D-Pad.

The full list of titles and publishers is as follows:

  • Dead Space, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit and FIFA 12 by EA
  • Reckless Getaway, Reckless Racing 2 and Tanks by Polarbit
  • Let’s Golf 3 by Gameloft
  • Townsmen 6, Guns & Glory WW2 and Clouds and Sheep by HandyGame
  • They Need To Be Fed by YoYo Games
  • Lame Castle by Be-Rad Entertainment
  • Hyperlight by Catfishblues Games
  • Diversion and Crazy Snowboard by Ezone PTY LTD
  • Gibs & Gore Micronytes
  • Protoxide and Battle Boats 3D by Herocraft
  • EVAC HD and Radient HD by Hexage
  • PewPew 2 by Jean-Francois Geyelin
  • Stellar Escape by Orange Agenda
  • Jumpy, INC and Meganoid by Orange Pixel
  • Death Worm by PlayCreek LLC
  • No Gravity by Real Tech VR
  • Crusade of Destiny by Divide Arts
  • Desert Winds by Southend Interactive

Some of these are already available to download on your Xperia Play now; we spotted Meganoid, EVAC HD, and No Gravity all rubbing shoulders with the regulars in the More Games app.

News of the Xperia Play getting even more game optimised comes in the wake of yesterday’s Minecraft announcement and developer mutterings that the PSP Vita/NGP will be a ‘car wreck’.

Wouldn’t it be funny if its the Xperia Play that’s regarded as the superior gaming device in years to come?


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