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Death Rally shunts onto iPad and iPhone: Destructive fun.

First released back in 1996, then released as free-ware, driving-death-match Death Rally is back on the iPad and iPhone.

There’s a lightweight story at the very start, which sees you fleeing several fully-armed police cars and vans, in a fight you simply can’t win. You get caught/ blown up, and then the game begins- it’s a welcome change to a standard welcome screen.

You can unlock five different cars, including a van, the Sentinel, a muscle car, the Shrieker, as well as a rough-looking Beetle-esque car known as the Vagabond.

They’re earned by collecting parts scattered around the levels- you’ll be able to unlock more weapons through this, including the satisfying sniper gun- a long-range high damage gun and mines, to get those pesky cars off your trail- permanently.

It’s a lot of fun, like a grown-up Micro Machines, though the dynamics are a bit different; get blown-up, and you won’t pop back on the track.

Money is earned in the race, and your skill in dispatching the ‘boss’ and other drivers is rewarded in addition to lap times and rank, and this can be used to repair and upgrade your car’s armor, speed and handling.

Another added extra is driver cameos from Duke Nukem (who appeared in the original) and Barry Wheeler, from recent console hit Alan Wake. There’s apparently an Angry Birds cameo to spot too.

The top-down racer is still difficult to control on a touch-screen; the tip of our thumb got sore after some extended driving, but that’s a good demonstration of how addictive this game is

You can choose how tough you want each race to be, from beginner through to hard, with extra challenges to test your skills beyond destructive rallying.

The app has also been enhanced for early iPad 2 buyers, for an even smoother driving experience.




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