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Death Worm for iPhone and Android: Kill helicopters and eat camels for a reduced price

When you think about it, worms are pretty unlikely candidates to star in computer games. They’re pretty lowly creatures, almost universally loathed and the one urban myth about them that’s even remotely cool – that cutting them in half will eventually make two worms – isn’t even true.

And yet, they seem to be firm favourites for game characters. There’s Team 17’s ever popular Worms series, Earthworm Jim (who had his own cartoon series back in the day) and even as far back as 1985, we had good old Wriggler on the Speccies and Amstrads.

And there’s Death Worm. This hugely addictive eat ‘em up has racked up an impressive 2 million downloads on iOS and Android and is now available to buy for a limited time offer reduced price.

Like the similar Super Mega Worm, Death Worm puts you in the, er, shoes (?) of a giant burrowing death worm, like the ones in Dune and Tremors. Your mission is to munch through as many, tanks, cars and helicopters as you can before they take you out.

You’re not entirely defenceless (you ARE massive Death Worm after all); you get to belch fireballs at your enemies and if you’re low on health, you can gobble up a few unsuspecting humans, birds or camels to replenish your energy.

There’s a free-for-all survival mode, where you take down as much as you can before you die, a campaign mode and a couple of mini games, one of which is like an infinitely less cute, more bloody version of Tiny Wings.

Death Worm costs 59p on iTunes (works with any version of iOS) and £1.80 on the Android Market (2.1 Eclair and above). These prices are special *LIMITED TIME OFFER!* deals, so if you fancy getting your worm on, snap up Death Worm now.


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