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Discovr is the latest awesome iPad music discovery app

Remember how iPad music app Aweditorium got us excited last year? Well, now there’s another new tablet app designed to help you find new music. And it’s just as innovative.

The app is called Discovr, and it’s the work of Australian startup Jammbox, who claim to be “obsessed with music, and obsessed with tech”. The results prove them right.

Discovr is an ‘interactive map’ that aims to show the connections between bands and artists, according to their musical similarities. The idea is that you tap on someone you like, then explore the connections. Double-tap on an artist, and you get their biography, links to reviews and blog posts about them, and the option to watch their YouTube videos.

It’s different to Aweditorium, and thus complementary. We can see ourselves happily spending hours getting lost in music on both. And what’s more, Jammbox says this is only the start of its iPad music plans.

“We made Discovr as a fun little side project to a much larger music app that we’re working on right now called Jammbox Magazine,” says the App Store blurb, with a link to sign up for a private beta. It’s well worth checking out.


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