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Doodle Jump hits 10 million download: iPad version, cuddly toys and other cash-ins coming soon

Reaching its second second birthday this week, the makers of Doodle jump have announced that the game has passed over the 10 million download mark on both iOS and Android markets.

The game, made by Lima Sky, is pretty simple. You’re a green, hopping… thing, and you have to continually propel yourself up the screen, by pushing off from platforms dotted around.

Steering with your phone, dodge the enemies, and get the icons. You just have to keep jumping.

Doodle Jump has been a big seller for a while, making it into Apple’s top ten paid-for apps ever, making second-place, behind a familiar bird-throwing game.

A lot of Doodle Jump’s appeal comes from its scrap-paper-esque, colouring-pen design, and while we had a great honeymoon period with the game, there’s limited scope for expansion of the original game.

So Lima Sky are hoping to branch out sideways, and have said that Doodle Jump will soon be available for download on tablets, with another version of Doodle Jump set for the Xbox Kinect Doodle Jump toys and book are also set to appear in time.

We’d love a Doodle Jump plushie to go alongside our Angry Birds collection.


Via: Mashable


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