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Doris and the Dragon Episode One review (iOS and Android)

We review Doris and the Dragon: Episode One for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. This charming retro point n’ click adventure game brings back 8-bit graphics and inventory systems, as well as heaps of British sarcasm and charm.

Mimicking classic point n’ click adventures like Maniac Mansion, Doris and the Dragon is well worth picking up for any fans of the genre. Young gamers might take one look at the blocky, sparse – yes, even ugly – graphics and flick straight to the next title on the App Store, but behind that rough visage is a game packed with heart and a healthy dose of British humour.

The game starts when OAP Doris finds herself mysteriously stranded in some kind of limbo world, with nothing but her shopping cart for company. A brief potter about later, Doris comes face to face with a mighty dragon. This dragon isn’t your typical scaly, fire-gushing menace. Rather, he’s an administration assistant with a Scouse accent.

That paragraph right there should immediately reveal whether you’ll get on with Doris and the Dragon or not. It’s like old adventures such as Discworld and Hitchhiker’s Guide, but with a much more gentle difficulty level. You should blaze through the relatively short playing time quite quickly, even if you get stuck here and there – but then this is Episode One, after all.

Controls are nice and simple. Just tap on something to take a closer look or pick it up, and drag your inventory items around to use them. You can chat with the compact cast of characters and call up the help of the Dragon at any time, which provides most of the game’s super-dry, very British wit.

Doris and the Dragon is available now and it’s bloody great, if you like that sort of thing.


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