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Dutch doctors spread superbugs by smartphone shocker!

Doctors’ mobile phones are riddled with germs and diseases, study shows.

Recently we reported on Taiwan’s titillating-titled Dr Wang warning about his fears of a link between smartphone overuse and erectile dysfunction, and now, throwing further fuel onto the fear-fire of health versus high-tech, medical naysayers in the Netherlands are blaming the smartphones of Dutch doctors for spreading sickness…

"I see... Right can you just lick this for me?"

A team of brains from the VU Medical Centre in crazhy Amshterdam selected eight Dutch hospitals for studies and discovered that out of the 80 per cent of doctors that carried smartphones, some 57 per cent of them were jabbing at their handsets with disease-ridden fingers, then treating patients and without washing their death-drenched hands.

The results of the revolting research went into even deeper disturbing detail, revealing that out of the 989 smartphones tested, between 42 per cent and 95 per cent were riddled with known hospital-acquired health-battering bacteria, and some smartphones in five out of the eight hospitals in the study carried potentially life-threating anti-biotic-resistant strains such as the super-serious superbug, MRSA.

VU researcher Stijn Voeten points out that the problem lies in the fact that doctors need to be constantly contactable and have to carry their smartphones everywhere, even into areas thick with bad-bugs.

“There are no disease control protocols covering these phones,” says Voeten. “They are being relied upon more and more so banning them is not feasible, and as a result they have become an uncontrolled source of bacteria.”

The solution to stopping your doc from killing you? Some kind of special, disinfected screen-protector seems to be the way forward according to Voeten.


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