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LTE for everyone: EE will launch PAYG tariffs on October 30th

Ever since EE launched its LTE service last year, it’s suffered from a price problem. No one faulted the speed of the service, but the available price plans were prohibitively expensive. That’s changed in recent months thanks to competition from Vodafone and O2, but EE will dispel the negative reputation regarding its prices once and for all with the launch of its Pay As You Go tariffs.

People wishing to use EE’s LTE network will no longer have to sign up for a lengthy contract. Starting from October 31st, the company will make available PAYG SIMs for surprisingly cheap prices. Better yet, EE has split up its minutes, texts, and data plans, so you only pay for exactly what you need. Are you only interested in LTE data? Then just buy a data plan. Want data and texts? That’s doable too.

Here’s the full breakdown for EE’s PAYG data plans:

Calls and texts are even simpler:

EE is sweetening the deal too. The company is throwing in 2,014 free minutes throughout 2014 – that’s 168 minutes per month on top of (or even instead of) the minutes you buy.

And if you want a PAYG handset, EE will hook you up. The company will be selling 15 phones across its PAYG range, with the cheapest coming from Alcatel and Nokia. The Alcatel Idol S, for example, costs £130, while the Lumia 625 will be available for £150. Anyone buying a handset before January 31st will receive 10GB of free data too, no matter which base data tariff they pick.

Still, there’s a catch. All PAYG plans with less than 2GB of data will only burst up to 30Mbit/s. If you want the theoretical 150Mbit/s speeds that EE is launching on the same day, then you’ll have to spring for 2GB or more.

All in all, EE seems to have done a great job with its PAYG plans. The speed limit shouldn’t be an issue for most people – it’ll still be far faster than 3G – and separating data from calls and texts gives people great flexibility. Roll on October 30th.


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