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Europe scraps roaming charges at last

In two years, you’ll no longer have to pay extra to surf the web on your phone when visiting other European countries, as roaming fees are finally being scrapped. And in the meantime, roaming will be cheaper too.

European bigwigs have come up with a final proposal to scrap roaming fees for good from June 2017. And from 2016, roaming fees will be capped at just five American cents per MB – as well as five cents per minute for calls and two cents per text message – until the roaming charges are ditched entirely.

The new laws will be subject to fair use policies, so it’s very unlikely that you can skip over to France and then stream 4k video all holiday. But this new ruling is clearly a massive boost for any holidaymakers who’ve been caught out by roaming charges when trying to access maps or email in a foreign land, as well as businesses that require their employees to travel around.

This move has been three years in the making, with the European member states, European Parliament and the Commission wrapping things up in the wee hours of this morning. Have a lie in, lads. Good job all round.


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