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Even Mickey Mouse hates selfie sticks

The world’s foremost purveyor of happiness has lost its sense of humour when it comes to the rage-inducing selfie stick, as the dreaded creations are now banned from all Disney parks.

If you were planning on packing your selfie stick for your trip to Euro Disney, better think again – Disney has decided to ban the divisive photographic aids from all of its parks around the world, starting from tomorrow.

From Tuesday June 30th, selfie sticks will be banned from all of Disney’s American theme parks, according to a leaked memo doing the rounds across the interwebs. The company’s parks across the rest of the globe will stop admitting the gadgets from Wednesday July 1st.

Disney’s decision to ban the sticks is reportedly a move to uphold its “Four Keys”: Safety, Courtesy, Show and Efficiency. Guidelines have already been put in place to help staff deal with people wielding the accursed gadgets, enabling security to deal with anyone refusing to comply and stop rides if someone manages to smuggle one on-board. Offending sticks will be confiscated and returned as a customer leaves the park.

Banning selfie sticks may sound rather draconian if you’re a fan of the things, but it’s easy to understand where Disney’s suits are coming from.

It could be a PR disaster if someone loses their grip while riding a rollercoaster and injures another visitor, and we dread to think of the damage one could do if it were to fall into the workings of a ride. Then there’s the inevitable inconsiderate idiots who will raise their sticks high to capture Disney’s parades, thus blocking the view of those behind.

Now if we could just get them banned from every other place on Earth, the world would be a more bearable place.


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