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FIFA 12 for Android announced, will be Xperia Play exclusive until Feb ‘12

As well as the incredible Minecraft Pocket Edition, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play has just scored another goal; EA Mobile’s FIFA 12 will be launching exclusively for a limited time on the PlayStation Certified device.

There’s no solid release date yet for EA Mobile’s latest FIFA kickabout title, all we know is that it’ll be available for the Xperia Play “worldwide in the holiday season,” aka Christmas.

This should give Xperia Play owners around a two month head start on getting to grips with slide tackles and dummying the keeper. We understand that the exclusivity period expires on the 21st of February next year.

FIFA 10 (pictured) came pre-loaded on the Xperia Play at launch and featured a multiplayer option, which we hope will be returning in the latest instalment.

The press release mentions that the audio is also improved with enhanced commentary and crowds chanting along. We’re guessing that the more vulgar terrance chants of the Beautiful Game won’t be included.

We’re still waiting for a football game where a bloke comes on with a tray of oranges at half time, but that’s yet to happen; we sincerely doubt that FIFA 12 will live up to this particular expectation.

This is yet another feather in the cap for the Xperia Play which seems to be slowly gaining respect as a serious gaming device. We’re still itching to carry on playing with Minecraft rather than do some actual work and are watching that clock waiting for 5:00PM to roll around.


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