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The Samsung Galaxy View is the company’s next big teaser

Whether you, like us, were lucky enough to be on hand at Samsung’s Gear S2 launch at IFA or you were watching along online, a big new product looks like it’s just around the corner.

Just as attendees of the company’s Galaxy Note 5/S6 Edge+ launch saw a glimpse of the Gear S2 at the end of the presentation, so to were we treated to another tease, but this time Samsung moved away from wearables with something much, much bigger.

The Samsung Galaxy View teaser placed at the end of the Gear S2 launch presentation didn’t give too much away save for a brief glimpse of a new device with an integrated kickstand along the lines of Microsoft’s Surface line and Lenovo’s Yoga Tablets.

Jump to the 24 minute mark to see the big tease of the Samsung Galaxy View.

The fleeting shots of the hardware were compounded with on-screen lines like, ‘Think big. Then think bigger’ and ‘A new dimension of entertainment.’

Whilst we don’t yet have any confirmed details on the hardware the Galaxy View will pack, judging by the size of Samsung’s logo sat below the display, this is a big tablet; perhaps pushing a 15-inch display or larger.

The device’s frame features a similar precision milled, chamfered edge like we’ve seen on the likes of the Galaxy Alpha and Note 4, whilst the kickstand component appears to boast more organic lines, as found the company’s Series 9 ultrabooks.

There are clearly a lot more questions surrounding Samsung’s new mystery slate, but the company said we’d have to wait until October to find out what this entertainment behemoth is really capable of.


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