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Get started with my Apple Watch 2: How to set up your Watch and download apps

Just unwrapped your shiny new Apple Watch 2? Here’s our complete guide on how to get started with the Watch 2, including setting it up, changing the watch face, downloading your first apps and more.

The Apple Watch 2 is sure to be a popular present for Christmas 2016, but if you’ve just unwrapped a shiny new Apple Watch 2 you might need some help with setting it up, downloading apps and learning about the best new features. Here’s our complete Apple Watch 2 getting started guide, so you can start enjoying your new Apple wearable.

Get started with the Apple Watch 2: How to set up the Watch 2 with the Watch app and pair it to your iPhone

When you first turn on your Apple Watch, you’ll need to go through a fairly lengthy setup process to pair it with your iPhone.

First, make sure you have the Watch app installed on your iPhone. Recent iPhones should have this by default – just search for it on your desktops, or drag down the notification bar from the top of the screen and type Watch into the search bar.

On the iPhone’s Watch app and the Watch 2 itself you need to tap ‘start pairing’ at the same time. You’ll be asked to hold the Watch up to your iPhone’s rear camera, so the watch face fits inside the on-screen box. When the Watch’s face is clearly in view on your iPhone’s screen, the two will automatically pair. You can then continue setup on the iPhone, which involves agreeing to Apple’s terms and conditions and enable the Watch 2’s main features, including Siri and location services.

Check out our setup video below to see exactly how to set up your Apple Watch 2, step-by-step. This video also shows you what to expect when you finish the setup process, including a guided tour of the Watch 2’s main menus and controls.

Get started with the Apple Watch 2: How to download apps to the Watch 2

The Watch 2 isn’t much use without a selection of apps, but thankfully you can download and install a strong variety of apps from Apple’s App Store.

The easiest way to find Apple Watch 2 apps is through the Watch app, however, rather than the App Store app. Open the Watch app on your iPhone and you’ll see an ‘App Store’ section listed at the bottom of the screen. Give that a tap and you’ll be taken to the Watch 2 section of the App Store, which only lists apps for your shiny wrist rocket.

Most apps are free to download although some will cost a couple of quid. You’ll find a great selection, including fitness trackers, news streamers, sports apps, recipe suggesters and even a decent collection of games.

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Get started with the Apple Watch 2: Next steps

Now that you’ve got the Watch 2 set up just the way you want it, and downloaded some essential apps, it’s time to learn about the greater functionality of your shiny Apple wearable. Which is where our in-depth Apple Watch 2 tips and tricks guide comes in.

The Watch 2 tips and tricks feature explains everything you need to know, including how to use the Watch’s Control Center, how to use and customise the Watch 2 Dock, and how to change the watch face that’s displayed every time you turn your Apple Watch on.

Enjoy your new wearable!


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