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Google fixing KitKat camera bug that drains battery

Updated your Android phone to KitKat recently? Noticed the battery life plummeting when you use the camera? Don’t worry too much, as Google’s on the case…

Since updating their Nexus 5 and a handful of other Android smartphones to KitKat 4.4, some users are apparently seeing their battery life plummet as soon as the camera app opens. The reason seems to be a nasty little bug, which allows the camera app to max out the smatphone’s CPU. But fear not, tender reader, for the mighty Googles is on the case, mixing up a maintenance update to be rolled out soon.

Nexus 5 and other KitKat phones experiencing camera battery bug

Although Google has verified the battery-bashing bug on its Nexus 5 handset, any users experiencing the same issues on their non-Nexus smartphone are being pointed in the direction of the corresponding phone manufacturers. Reasoning is, the issues could be down to a bug in the Android overlay (e.g. Samsung’s TouchWiz, or Sony’s Xperia UI) instead of Android itself. Of course, considering Google has already identified a problem in KitKat, an identical issue in one or more overlays seems a little coincidental – so any fix Google spreads about should obliterate the bug in every other phone, touch wood, fingers crossed, etc.

Have you seen this problem in your KitKat phone, and if so, what handset is it? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Source: Phandroid


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