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Google Glass launches in the UK. Finally us Brits can be Glassholes too

Google fanatics Stateside have been able to get their hands on the company’s futuristic eyewear, Google Glass for some time now, but now it’s come to the UK.

If you haven’t been keeping abreast of the latest tech fashions, for the past two years Google has been developing some futuristic wearable tech in-house dubbed Google Glass.

Glass features a minute glass prism in the top right of the wearer’s eye line, designed to emulate a 25-inch HD screen seen from eight feet away, onto which a wealth of information can be displayed. Glass connects via an Android or iOS smartphone running 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich or iOS 7 and newer using the MyGlass app.

What can Google Glass do?

It can be used for simple tasks like performing a search query using Google Now, to more complicated ones such as navigating to a destination with Google Maps or recording a 720p HD video with Glass’ inbuilt 5-megapixel camera.

Google 'Glassholes'

Whilst initial reception in the US was mixed, Google’s trying hard to make it a more approachable, attractive piece of next-gen technology for the masses. With the exception of frames created by fashion designer DVF (still currently a US exclusive), UK consumers can pick up the Explorer Edition of Google Glass in any one of five colours alongside a number of new accessories.

Within the last few months, Google unveiled frames for Glass which can either serve as polarising sunglasses or take prescription lenses for those that need it. A case and stereo earbuds are also optional extras, all of which are available as part of the UK launch.

Where can I buy Google Glass in the UK?

To round off the experience, Brits wanting to sign on to the Glass Explorer program can try before they buy at Google’s London Basecamp in King’s Cross, near the site of the company’s forthcoming UK offices, set to open in 2016. Glass Guides will be on hand to explain what Google Glass can do and find the right colours and frames for each customer, sort of like a Glass-centric stylist.

Google Glass

Although it’s taken a little while to make it across the Atlantic, the UK is the first location outside of the States where Google has made Glass readily available. So the burning question at the end of all this is how much is it?

To become a new Glass Explorer will set you back a cool £1000 and it’s only open to card holders over the age of 18. Should you have the lolly lying around, Google says that it can deliver your preferred pair of Glass in up to two business days. Expect confused faces and odd looks, particularly if you’re recording on the sly; nobody likes a Glasshole.

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