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Google’s gonna boost your Android’s battery life overnight

Google is reportedly working hard to deliver longer battery life and better performance in Android M, the upcoming update to its mobile OS.

With the search giant’s annual I/O conference shindig set to kick off in just two days, it’s the perfect time for leaks and rumours around Google’s latest Android updates. According to information passed to Android Police, Google has earmarked RAM usage and battery life as a priority for its upcoming software update, which sounds like a perfectly wonderful idea.

Google is apparently working to promote better use of syncing and location polling in its Android handsets, which should help to speed up slower entry-level devices. Great news indeed considering how many sub-£100 Androids we find passing through Recombu Towers these days, not all of which perform smoothly.

In the next version of Android we should also see an overall improvement of smart features which might tax a device’s battery, including a reduction in background activity when an Android phone isn’t plugged in. That’s particularly great news as most handsets just about make it through a day, although many devices already manage to hold power quite well when their screens are switched off.

Android M is expected to begin rolling out to users around August, as has been the case with previous OS updates. However, a developer preview is expected much sooner, which should allow Google to generate some useful data ahead of the gold release.

While the new Android software is expected to receive its proper release in August, it’s believed that Google’s update won’t formally receive a moniker until October – when the next Nexus devices are expected to launch. Current bets have the new name as MNC or Macadamia Nut Cookie, not the most catchy of titles. What’s wrong with Macaroon or Marzipan or a money-spinning M&Ms tie-in?

Expect lots of sexy Android M announcements on May 28th at Google I/O, which we’ll be covering live.


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