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Google Movies to hit the Android Market, 3.1 Honeycomb tablets and 2.2 Froyo phones

As well as the Music service, Google has also announced a movie rental platform which you’ll be able to access from the desktop version of the Android Market.

Alongside apps, you’ll be able to stream films from the site for as little as $1.99 a go. Once you’ve paid for a film, you’ll be given a 30 day rental period.

As with the Music app, you get the choice of watching films on your desktop (via the Android Market) on your tablet or your phone.

Google says that the Movies app is already being pushed out to Xoom owners on Verizon in the US, and that it’ll be pushed to “2.2 and above devices in the coming weeks.” Again, this looks to be a US-only deal for the time being, with no word or hint of a rollout to the UK or anywhere else.

As good as this sounds, we’re actually more excited about HTC Watch on the Flyer and Sensation.

Not only will you be able to rent films from the service, you’ll be able to buy to own films as well. Plus, as it’s available on the Flyer and Sensation out of the box we won’t have to wait for it to roll round from the US either.

The HTC Flyer, despite originally due to be out a couple of days ago, now looks to be landing in the UK on the 1st of June. The HTC Sensation is due to arrive on Vodafone on the 19th of May.


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